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Africa is the future

African Union wants an Integrated, Prosperous and Peaceful Africa, driven by its own citizens and representing a dynamic force in the global arena. In their goals and priority areas ‘’Agenda 2063’’, the first goal matches with our objectives.

The first goal of Agenda 2063 is :

‘’A High Standard of Living, Quality of Life and Well Being for All Citizens’’.

Then the 3rd and 4th priorities are :

  • Social security and protection Including Persons with Disabilities
  • Modern and Livable Habitats and Basic Quality Services

The aspiration of African Union is a prosperous Africa, based on inclusive growth and sustainable development. In light of this, we were encouraged to create the first ever African Design Organization called AFRICAN CONFEDERATION OF INTERIOR DESIGNERS [AFCID] to be able to share this vision throughout Africa by our concept of implementing an inclusive world in the design Industry. We are committed to contribute of ensuring equal opportunities for all African citizens.

LEONIE BWEMBA Certified interior Designer Senior Universal & Industrial Designer President & Founder of AFCID & CASSID
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Together, let’s build a more inclusive Africa for us all...

Customer Focus

Customers choose us for the simplicity of communication and an understanding of what it’s necessary to receive in the end.


We develop a full cycle of project documentation: an outline sketch, a design project, working documentation.

Multi Experience

We provide a wide range of services, we work in different styles, we project commercial and residential properties.

Author`s Supervision

We develop an attractive and convenient space for work and leisure time, working on units, selecting materials, manufacturers.

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interior sketch

All kinds of buildings in chematic
or working design


3D modeling

Studio provides a full range
of 3D interior modeling



Development of perfect design 


4d planning

We provide 4D planning
for great visualization